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  • Louise Walker is the UK’s foremost expert on Aga and Rayburn cookery and has contributed books on a wide range of cooking types for these superb cookers.

    All Louise Walker's books are published by Absolute Press. Click the books below for more information and to buy through Amazon. For more information... Donec id elit non mi porta gravida at eget metus. Fusce dapibus, tellus ac cursus commodo, tortor mauris condimentum nibh, ut fermentum massa justo sit amet risus. To view some sample recipes, view our blog section here.

    Image taken from Aga Roast by Louise Walker, published by Absolute Press, £14.99, Paperback. Photography © Mike Cooper


    Aga Roast

    Following on from the success of her brilliant "Aga Year" cookbook, Louise Walker tackles the favourite meal of Aga owners everywhere: the Sunday roast Lavish photography illustrates over 70 recipes for all things roasted.

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    Aga Year

    Celebrating all that is best about British produce through a wonderful collection of 365 recipes following the ever-changing moods of the year.

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    The Traditional Aga Four Seasons Cookery Book

    A gastronomic journey feasting through the seasons. Tips on how and when to buy your fruits and vegetables and advice on how to make the most of local produce.

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    The Traditional Aga Cookery Book

    The bestselling title that catapulted Louise Walker on to the shelves of Aga owners all over the world. Her common-sense approach to life with an Aga is reflected in her delightfully personal approach to this most loved of cookers.

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    Traditional Aga Christmas

    This is a new version of Louise Walker's charming Traditional Aga Christmas book, first published in 2005, full of recipes, tips and seasonal folklore as well as a Christmas Day countdown to ease any concerns over planning for the main event.

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    The Traditional Aga Book of Breads and Cakes

    Bread recipes from around the world, perfect for cooking in the roasting oven of the Aga, as well as cakes of all shapes and sizes. An essential addition to any Aga owner's library.

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    The Traditional Aga Book of Slow Cooking

    Of the many things that Agas do well, slow-cooked meals rank among the best. So here are over 100 great recipes; easy, economical and full of rich and vibrant flavours.

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    The Traditional Aga Book of Vegetarian Cooking

    This was the first collection of vegetarian recipes to be published exclusively for Aga owners, providing sound advice and a wealth of wonderful recipes.

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    The Classic Rayburn Cookery Book

    An adapted version of Louise Walker's "Traditional Aga Cookery Book" for the Rayburn owner

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