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  • In 1994, Louise Walker’s The Traditional Aga Cookery Book was published. It marked the beginning of a remarkable series of titles that have been consistent sellers and a source of inspiration and reassurance for tens of thousands of Aga owners all over the world.

    Louise is regarded by many as the Aga guru, not surprising given her bestselling status and the many demonstrations she performs at cookery classes up and down the country. Her recipes are easy and effective and transfer well to both the Rayburn and conventional oven.

    Louise also runs cookery classes from her home in Bath, using the four-oven Aga. She helps new and seasoned Aga owners with a range of dishes both through demonstration and hands-on work.

    Finding a house in Bath where the kitchen will house an Aga (four-oven at that) and a steam oven, have easy access to the garden and allow me to have the kitchen as I would like has not been easy. I am thrilled with my Keller kitchen with views to the garden and terrace as well as towards the glorious Prior Park.

    As this is unpredictable I will not be running any courses in the immediate future, however do get in touch with me if you would like to discuss or do come along to one of my Aga demonstrations if you can.





    Latest News

    I have been busy judging for the Great Taste Awards again this spring. There are so many entries judging goes on for months! This year I started with two days judging herbal and fruit infusions, not just coming in bags of dried fruits and herbs but dried leaves and fruits. A day of tasting ciders followed. I was really impressed with the quality and lovely flavours, no wonder cider is becoming more popular again. I moved on to general food and drink judging. All judges have some interest in the food industry whether it is producing fine foods, selling fine food through delicatessans or writing about food, and of course eating and drinking! We are looking foods that have a certain amount of WOW factor, that make the judges come back for more.

    All food is blind tasted and is judged by a minimum of 6 judges. If it gives us that WOW then it will be awarded one, two or three stars. A three star product is rare, a room full of judges may only see one a day! Results are out in September, watch the press and look for products with the Great Taste Award sticker. 


    If you wish to get in touch with me regarding any of my books or cookery classes:

    Please contact me by email
    Call me on 01225 830850